Our Business

Top-class substrates for global market.

We develop and manufacture metal ceramic substrates that are indispensable for power electronics which convert and control high-voltage and high-current.We achieved major share of the global market in the field of metallic aluminum nitride ceramic substrates, which allow us to be one of the leading companies in this field.
We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing of metal ceramic substrates.Our goal is to extend our top share in the global market by using our superior research and development capabilities to introduce high-quality products to customers.

Metal ceramic substrates used worldwide, especially in clean energy applications.

Metal ceramic substrates by our company are used in products that are indispensable for social activities and daily life, such as customer's production lines and social infrastructure.
Particularly in recent years, the need for our products has been growing in clean energy applications such as electric vehicles and solar and wind power generation, and demand from overseas is also increasing as the world steers toward a decarbonized society.

  • Industrial applications
    (machining tools, etc.)
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Electric railways
  • Solar and wind power generation

Contributing to the construction of a sustainable society through our business.

As the world moves toward to energy conservation and a decarbonized society, we face challenges in how to create a society in which future generations can continue to live prosperous lives while protecting the global environment.Energy conservation measures are needed in various fields in daily life, e.g. improving fuel efficiency of trains, popularizing electric vehicles, and reducing the power consumption of home appliances and other products.Solar and wind power generation, which do not rely on oil, will also become increasingly common.

The metal ceramic substrates we manufacture are used not only in power modules that convert energy in eco-friendly cars such as electric vehicles, but also in power modules that stabilize the unstable power generated by natural energy sources such as solar and wind power, thus supporting efforts for energy conservation.
Through the development and manufacture of metal ceramic substrates, which are indispensable for power modules in clean energy applications, we will contribute to the construction of a sustainable society.

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