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Manufacture of metal ceramic substrates for power modules.Outstanding heat dissipation and reliability that contribute to energy conservation and a decarbonized society.

Metal ceramic substrates manufactured by our company achieve high heat dissipation, high reliability, and high mechanical strength. In addition to industrial applications, our products are used in power modules for clean energy applications such as electric railways, solar and wind power generation, and electric vehicles, which are expected to grow worldwide.
Aluminum-metalized substrates (ALMIC®) and aluminum-metalized Integrated Substrates, which we manufacture through our original technology, are used in power modules that require more severe heat cycle resistance as well as heat dissipation.
These technologies have been greatly evaluated by our customers.

Three features of DOWA POWER DEVICE products.

Comprehensive product lineup to meet customer needs
Our comprehensive product lineup allows us to offer a variety of performances for various power module applications.
World-class quality achieved through our original technologies
By our original processing technologies for circuit formation we manufacture substrates with higher reliability.We have a long experience of our products being adopted in modules for traction applications.
Providing aluminum-metalized Integrated Substrates that go beyond the limits of metal ceramic substrates
By developing the molten aluminum direct bonding , we achieved to produce substrates with integrated base plates and fins, going beyond the limits of metal ceramic substrates.

Production item.

  • Copper-metalized aluminum nitride substrates
  • High-reliability copper-metalized aluminum nitride substrates (fillet / steps)
  • Aluminum-metalized substrates (ALMIC®)
  • Aluminum-metalized Integrated Substrates

Our products are used for following customers' applications.

Industrial applications
Machining tools
Industrial robots
Solar power generation
Wind power generation
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), etc.

Electric power & electric railways
Electric rail motor drive
Steel rolling line motor drive
DC power transmission, etc.

EV/HV motor drive
Racing car motor drive, etc.

Technical trends of DOWA POWER DEVICE products.

Technical trends of DOWA POWER DEVICE products

Metal Ceramic Substrate Typical Value.

Spec Item Dimensions Cu-AlN
Ceramics - AIN AIN AIN
Mechanical Properties  
Bending Strength Initial MPa 500 500 650
After Heating 400 400 620
Bending Quantity Initial mm 0.27 0.28 0.45
After Heating 0.22 0.22 0.35
Ceramic Bending Strength MPa 500 500 500
Peeling Strength N/cm >150 >150 >300
Wire Bonding Strength g >550 >550 >550
Thermal Properties  
Thermal Conductivity (at RT) W/(m・K) ≧170 ≧170 ≧170
Thermal Cycle at (-40℃/125℃) cycles >200 >1,000 >3,000
Electrical Properties  
Dielectric Strength (in insulating oil) kV/mm >11 >11 >11
Volume Resistivity at RT Ω・cm >1×1012 >1×1012 >1×1012
Other Specification  
Ceramic Max. Size mm 95×80 95×80 80×80
Ceramic Thickness mm 0.38・0.635・1.0 0.635・1.0 0.635・1.0
Metal Thickness (Pattem/Heat sink) mm 0.3・0.25・0.20・0.15 0.3・0.25・0.20・0.15 0.4/0.2~0.4
Min. Pattern Width mm 1.0 1.5 1.0
Min. Pattern Space mm 1.0 1.0 0.8
Tolerance Pattern/Pattern mm ≦±0.25 ≦±0.25 ≦±0.30
Surface Roughness (Rz) μm <7 <7 <15
Camber mm ≦0.1/50mm ≦0.1/50mm ≦0.1/50mm
Ni Plating Thickness μm 2~6 2~6 2~6
Solderability (%) ≧95 ≧95 ≧95

*1. AMB : Active Metal Brazing Method

*2. MCB : Metal Casting Direct Bonding Method

*These data is subject to revision without prior notification.
*The figures in the table are representative values and are not guaranteed values.

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